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The Mission--

Library Issues highlights key issues in academic librarianship. Its intended audience is faculty and academic administrators and librarians who work with them. LI's short articles present the various facets of controversial topics, not campus-specific solutions. LI strives to clarify not persuade, to present facts not opinions, to facilitate communication not advocate positions.



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November 2000
What's Happening to the Book — and Why You Should Care
Hot Spots--
Quick, easy leads to information on critical issues. Current topics:
• Distance Education • Licensing • Outsourcing • Re-Engineering • Support of Technological Environments •
Sample Issues--
September 1998 Balancing the Trade-Offs: Pros and Cons of Library Technology — Sample this issue for free.
March 1998 Multimedia and Fair Use: The Practical Side of a Philosophical Debate — Sample this issue for free.
Previous Issues & Article Updates—

September 2000

Looking for Director Goodboss: How to Recruit a Head Librarian
July 2000 Are We Ready for the Virtual Library?
May 2000 Information Access for Users With Disabilities
March 2000 Unrealistic Expectations of Digitizing Libraries
January 2000 The Virtual University: Lessons for the Mainstream
Counterpoint: Virtual Pottage
November1999 Library Support for Distance Education
September1999 The Need for New Space and Storage Facilities
July 1999 License at Your Own Risk
May 1999

Preserving Rights in the Information Age

Privacy in the Information Age: Implications for Libraries

March 1999 Serials Wars: The Academy Strikes Back
January 1999 Full-Text Databases Ahead—Proceed With Caution
November 1998

Weeding the Collection—Painful But Necessary

Academic Libraries and Information Technology

September 1998 Balancing the Trade-Offs: Pros and Cons of Library Technology
July 1998 An Open Letter to Provosts on Libraries and Technology
May 1998 The Challenge of Technology support in Libraries: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
March 1998 Multimedia and Fair Use: The Practical Side of a Philosophical Debate
January 1998 Library Director/Provost Relationships and Faculty Attitudes toward Changes in Libraries
November 1997 Library Alliances: Different Forms, Similar Benefits
Computer Equipment Costs in Academic Libraries
September 1997 Library and Computer Center Relations at Smaller Academic Institutions
July 1997 Scientific Journal Online: Five Emerging Models
May 1997 Free Books: Are They Worth What They Cost?
March 1997 Government Documents and Libraries: The Impact of the Digital Revolution
JSTOR: The Vanguard of the Retrospective Digital Library
February 1997 Article Update - Fundraising for Libraries: Four Important Elements
January 1997 Library Collections and the Undergraduate Curriculum: So Near and Yet So Far?
December 1996 Article Update - Academic Libraries on the Cusp
November 1996 Coursepacks and Fair Use
Copyright, Licensing, and a Rule of Reason
September 1996 Transforming Library Staff Roles
July 1996 The “Productivity Paradox” in the Academic Library


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